Love Your Work! Its in the details

I couldn't resist sharing some more details from one of the nurseries I featured yesterday. It so darn cute!

I can't make up my mind if this little elephant is my favourite accessory...

... or the crocheted bunny rug

Which do you like the best? Or is it something else completely?


Love Your Work!

Here is an illustration of great photography at work. In the first photo of this nursery lots of natural light and the angles from which the photo was taken give me the impression that the room is very spacious.

When you go to these next shots however, you realize it’s quite a standard to small sized bedroom.

A wonderfully decorated and expertly photographed bedroom, but not a large one.


Affordable Alternatives - Bloggers' photography tips

While I wait for the right opportunity to attend a course, I can always rely on my bloggy friends to help me improve my photography skills.

Ofcourse I mentioned on Tuesday that Ashley shares photography tips on her blog Under the Sycamore. These are interspersed throughout the blog as readers ask questions about which lens she used in certain photos and how to use back focus for self timer shots.

Earlier this year Ishtar Olivera featured a four part photography tutorial on her blog, which included lots of helpful advice for styling still life shots and vignettes, when I get around to this for the blog.

I also read a blog post earlier this year about positioning yourself to capture natural shots of children at play, but I didn't bookmark it at the time. While I was trying to google it I came across this YouTube video with much the same advice.

How are you at taking photos of your kids? Do you capture the everyday moments, or only get the camera out for special occassions? Are you happy with the results or could you use some serious help like me?


Cash To Splash - Photography class

I aspire to be like Ashley and capture my little person's everyday life with such clarity and colour. We have a DSLR, but it is totally wasted on me I'm afraid. I have no idea how to use it as anything other than a point and shoot.

I'd like to remedy that situation by attending a digital photography course. The one I have in mind is an introductory course run by Focus10 Photography in Sydney. Here are some lovely pictures of little people from their portfolio.

They also run a course specifically on photographing architecture and real estate for more advanced students, which I would love to take as a follow up to improve the blog.

With our new house only a few weeks away and The Man's 40th birthday not long after I'll have to put this on hold, but I WILL GET THERE! I've committed to it here so no backing out.

If you have the cash available yourself Focus10 run courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with 2 courses per month scheduled in Sydney.


I aspire to ... Under The Sycamore

While we're talking photography I have to give a shout out to my favourite blog - Under the Sycamore. Every morning when I turn on my computer I look forward to seeing what Ashley has to offer. She is a supremely talented photographer, a wonderful Mum and a witty writer to boot!

Recently Ashley's daughter turned one and she shared the monthly photos she took as "Firecracker" grew. It was the best version of monthly photos I've seen, really capturing her emerging personality.

I wouldn't have expected anything other than the best from Ashley. She doesn't wait for a special occassion to pull out the camera. Everyday she captures her kids in natural moments - playing, learning, sharing, being.

This is the stuff that truly uplifts me and keeps me going back each morning! She has 24/7 access to four of the best models/muses a photographer/mother could ask for. Aren't they the most beautiful kids?

And as an added bonus Ashley is very generous in sharing her techniques and giving advice on how to improve your own photos. If you don't already have Under the Sycamore saved to your favourites you need to head over to check it out now.


On My Mind... school photos

My little person had his first school photos taken this year. (Well, daycare photos.) When we first got the information sent home I thought it was a little unnecessary. I mean he’s two and we have A LOT of photos of him. Then I thought oh no – do I put him in his knock about day care clothes or risk staining his nice weekend clothes for the photos? Then I felt sorry for the teachers having to corral a dozen 0-3 year olds into a group photo. But when the day arrived I was just plain excited!

And I have continued to be excited for the last six weeks waiting for them to arrive. I must have asked his teachers every day for the last two weeks if they were available. I think they should have made a sign just saying "No!" to hold up everytime they saw me coming.

Anyway, they have arrived and the wait was worth it! If I do say so myself they are beautiful photos.

I am very grateful to the photographer and his teachers for making it a fun experience for him. I don’t remember specifically, but I am guessing I did not enjoy my first school photo experience…

LOL! Oh well, I have to say I love looking back at photos of my childhood.

Do you still have your first school photos? Are they as dodgy as mine? Or are you a happy little camper like my little person?


Love Your Work! Bird themed nursery

I couldn't let the bird theme pass without a shout out to Deven's lovely Mum Maya. The nursery she created for him was featured on Oh Dee Doh a while back and I just love it!

An artist by trade Maya painted the woodland mural herself.

Maya also handmade the bird mobile via a pattern she found at Spool Sewing.

I love that the black and white look so crisp against the Tiffany blue walls and that she put so much of herself into the room for her Little Person. What do you think?


Affordable Alternatives - Bird Mobiles

Birds are a poular motif in Little People's spaces just now, so finding some adorable and affordable alternatives wasn't much of a stretch.

This first by Alimrose Designs via Little Styles is the closest I came across and for just a fifth the price.

Alimrose Designs also produce this cute owl design.

Made It has a wide range of options including this I heart birdie mobile and this by Ernie & Bird.

 I also found this colourful option on Eco Toys.

Do you have a favourite? Or do you make or sell them yourself?


Cash To Splash - Bird Mobile

I've just recently discovered fabulous online store Kindergallery. Kindergallery brings together some great creative talents from around the world, making their creations accessible in Australia. Even better, the collection is geared specifically for use in Little People's spaces.

My favourite is the Bird Cage with Three Birds mobile from Tamar Mogendorff. 

Perhaps by the time Little Person #2 comes along I'll be able to justify the $250 price tag? 

But don't let that scare you - a lot of the artists' work on Kindergallery is very reasonably priced. Head on over to check it out.


Love Your Work! Fresh & Colourful Nursery

I absolutely adore this nursery recently featured on HGTV. Created by Amy from the b-line for her new Little Person it has really taken my fancy.

I love the big window and the leafy outlook. I've seen this Ikea shelf as a window seat a few times recently and it is perfection in this room.

The soft grey of the walls and the bright white furniture really take advantage of all the natural light in the room, making it feel extra spacious.  


The colourful accessories and window pelmets add high contrast to the scheme, just perfect for stimulating growing little minds.  

This wall art installation using fun fabric prints is a fantastic way to add interest with minimal investment in time and cash. I think I want to steal this idea for my next Little Person's room.  
Overall, I doubt I'd change a thing in this space. What about you? Is this your idea of perfection to?


A blank canvas

I was doing a little happy dance this weekend when we visited our soon-to-be home. Settlement isn't for another 3 weeks, but the previous owners have already vacated so the agent was nice enough to let us in to take some measurements. Here are some snaps I took of the blank canvas we'll be working with...

So much potential! So many ideas! So excited!

For now we are still super busy preparing our existing home for lease. This past weekend we washed down the outside of the house and all the windows, finished building a new railing on our back deck/stairs, steam cleaned the carpets and gave the garden an overhaul. The to do list for next weekend is just as long .... paint the new railings, sand back and repaint some damaged skirting boards, repaint the laundry ceiling after some old water damage and replace a faulty light in the dining room. And don't even mention the packing!

But, at least I have this to look forward to.


Little People's Reading Nooks

Though life gets too busy for Mummies to relax with a book, there is always time for reading to your Little People.


A guilty conscience

So far my posting to this blog has been sporadic at best. I would like to commit to posting five days a week. Eventually, I will. Right now, it is just hard with a move to plan and getting our existing house ready to lease.

I don't want to let it go a whole week without a post, so for now I am offering a few random rooms that make me happy.

Oh, for the time to curl up in a comfy chair with a book!


Winter in Sydney

I've just looked back at the previous post and realised every room I chose has a lovely view of blue skies and verdant landscapes. We are so lucky in Sydney that even in the midst of the coldest winter in years we are blessed with beautiful blue skies! Most days anyway...

Here are some more brilliant blues and gorgeous greens captured on a recent trip to our neighbourhood park.

And riding home...

... wait a minute. Make that walking home - no point doing things the hard way! ;o)

Finally, all tuckered out ready for an afternoon nap.