Affordable Alternatives - Bloggers' photography tips

While I wait for the right opportunity to attend a course, I can always rely on my bloggy friends to help me improve my photography skills.

Ofcourse I mentioned on Tuesday that Ashley shares photography tips on her blog Under the Sycamore. These are interspersed throughout the blog as readers ask questions about which lens she used in certain photos and how to use back focus for self timer shots.

Earlier this year Ishtar Olivera featured a four part photography tutorial on her blog, which included lots of helpful advice for styling still life shots and vignettes, when I get around to this for the blog.

I also read a blog post earlier this year about positioning yourself to capture natural shots of children at play, but I didn't bookmark it at the time. While I was trying to google it I came across this YouTube video with much the same advice.

How are you at taking photos of your kids? Do you capture the everyday moments, or only get the camera out for special occassions? Are you happy with the results or could you use some serious help like me?


DesignTies said...

I've had a Nikon D60 camera for almost a year, and I still haven't figured out how to use it properly. I started reading the manual right away, but only got about as far as how to attach the neck strap!! Bad me!!

That being said, I really like taking pictures. I often whip out my camera to catch the dogs playing, take pics of flowers, a beautiful sunset, a newly-made over room in our house....

I'm going to have to check out the links you posted and see if I can improve my skills!!

A really nice photography blog is Diane Schuller Photographs:

Her work really inspires me :-)


P.S. Did you sign up for the Bake-N-Blog?? It's going to be fun!! :-)

Bron @ Baby Space said...

I want a new camera and would also love to learn more...I am a constant snapper. There is no moment I will not snap!

NK said...

Hi Kim, we just got a new camera. Its a hybrid of point-and-shoot and an SLR. We got it with our airmiles, so our choices were pretty limited. Anyway, I"m actually kinda fond of it :) I like to take lots of pictures, my problem is that I constantly forget to bring the darn thing! :) I think the biggest tip at taking pictures of kids is to take LOTS of pictures. The more you take, the higher chance of catching the perfect pose+light.

Kim said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for pointing me to Diane Schuller's site. She is also super talented. I absolutely signed up for the cupcake challenge - I'm tackling pumpkin cupcakes...
NK - I totally agree with you, the more snaps you take the better you get.