Cash To Splash - Photography class

I aspire to be like Ashley and capture my little person's everyday life with such clarity and colour. We have a DSLR, but it is totally wasted on me I'm afraid. I have no idea how to use it as anything other than a point and shoot.

I'd like to remedy that situation by attending a digital photography course. The one I have in mind is an introductory course run by Focus10 Photography in Sydney. Here are some lovely pictures of little people from their portfolio.

They also run a course specifically on photographing architecture and real estate for more advanced students, which I would love to take as a follow up to improve the blog.

With our new house only a few weeks away and The Man's 40th birthday not long after I'll have to put this on hold, but I WILL GET THERE! I've committed to it here so no backing out.

If you have the cash available yourself Focus10 run courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with 2 courses per month scheduled in Sydney.

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