On my mind... have you voted yet?

Voting is open in the Oh Dee Doh "Small Kids, Big Colour 2010" contest. There have been some great entries this year and I've picked up quite a bit of nursery inspiration should I (hopefully) need it next year.

In the end my vote went to an entry that was just so super awesome I couldn't look past it... even though it is not at all something I would do in my own home.

Which entry will get your vote?


Mum's Corner: Serenity

Sometimes Mum's just need a few minutes to themselves. A little corner to slip into and regain your calm after the latest debate over "what is an appropriate breakfast food?" or "does bathtime really need to be a daily occurence?" This seems like a good place to take those few minutes.

Can you feel the serenity descending on you as you walk/float past the sunshine and white curtains? I can.

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On my mind... spoiling myself

I haven't been able to get this photo out of my head for the past week...

It is just utterly perfect in every way. So today I am giving myself flowers.

And while I'm at it I might as well throw in some balloons to really spoil myself!

I hope I've made you smile too. Have a lovely weekend.

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The colour of fun!

One of my favourite bloggers, Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy, has posed the question what is your colour of fun? and I couldn't resist joining in her linky party.

It may come as no surprise that my colour of fun is vibrant, happy, attention-seeking yellow.

Whenever my day needs a pick-me-up I put on some yellow shoes. I have three pairs and they give me a feeling a little like this ...

Or if I'm ever feeling a little down I recite Wordsworth's "Daffodils" to myself... "And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils."

It has the same effect in homes and as you may remember is my colour of choice for the bedroom.

Yellow cushions and throw are in progress, but what I'd really love for the bedroom is this Rob Ryan artwork.

Why don't you join in too? What is your colour of fun?

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Cash to Splash! Laura Mae Dooris

I'm loving the vibrancy and joie de vivre captured in these prints by artist Laura Mae Dooris. The collection is appropriately titled "Whimsy".

Isn't she super talented?! I've gotta love Etsy and blogs for bringing beautiful art like this into my field of consciousness.


Love Your Work! Merewether Family Home

I just discovered the (former) Sydney home of architect John Merewether through Come Over Sunday.

Built by the architect in 1959, it was home to his own family for more than 50 years before being sold last month. The home and decor are definitive proof that true style is timeless.



Love Your Work! Colourful family home

I love the casualness and colour in this Swedish home. I imagine the family who live here to be always laughing and enjoying each other's company. It is very youthful.

Bean bags look so comfy and cozy in front of the fire and the television.

While there is a lot going on colour-wise in the home I don't find it overwhelming thanks to the simple shapes of the furniture and the white back drop.

These sliding doors actually link the master bedroom and the child's room. This would be an unusual feature in an Australian home ... I wonder if it is also unusual or more common in Sweden?  It would be convenient when you had an infant, but less so as they grow up.

I found this colourful family home via Green is the New Black. You should definitely check it out as the blog owner, Sofia, also has a wonderful, modern scandinavian home that is teeming with colour and two beautiful little girls.


Affordable Alternatives... DIY

So, owning genuine Lillipad Studio furniture is out of the question for me/the little person. I may be kidding myself, but I think we could have something very similar by doing it myself.

The Bekvam step stool from Ikea is a similar shape and only $14.99. I've been thinking of getting one anyway for helping with cooking projects. I was going to just paint it a solid colour, but it can't hurt for me to have a go at a more intricate design. At worst I'll just have to paint over it in a darker colour.

I've also been wanting a Rofylld rocking chair from Ikea for the little person. I think it would lend itself nicely to a similar treatment.

There are a long list of projects I'd like to do so we'll have to wait and see whether this progresses beyond the stage of "that's a good idea" before the little person outgrows the rocking chair.

Cash to Splash! Lillipad Studio

Just in case you missed it on Oh Dee Doh this week (I almost did) I had to share the absolutely stunning handpainted furniture at Lillipad Studio.

I am beyond awed by the magnificence of these stools, tables and chairs. Just two things stand in the way of me/the little person owning one... they're based in the US and a stool costs $249. Otherwise I would absolutely be on board.


Cash to Splash! Wish boats

I'm splurging a whole $19.95 on the little person today! I know, I know ... living the high life right? This boy will turn into a real brat if I keep spoiling him this way!

But seriously... these wish boats from Upon a Fold are so lovely I have to have them.

"Such a sweet idea – write your wish on one of these adorable little boats and hope for it to come true! Before you begin folding, give your boat a name and write your wish or personal message on the blank space provided."
I'm going to write my wishes for his future and hang them in his room, a la the image below.

My first wish for him?

I wish you find a pursuit in life that fills you with passion and joy.

They come as a set of eight so no shortage of wishes to make, but I think I'll borrow one to wish for a little sister or brother to come along soon.

Poppy Red

In commemoration of Rememberance Day ...

... I'm remembering my Poppy George today.

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Love-Hate Relationship

I love everything about these rooms ... except ...

 That black pvc monstrosity in the foreground.

The oversized artwork is just too bland - I really want this space to have something bold.

The zebra head just creeps me out, surely there is a nice print out there that would fit this space.

I really want the wall colour to be tiffany blue or something similar. Definitely not this dark.

Do you ever wish you could just photoshop out something undesirable in an otherwise lovely room? Would you still have noticed the picture without that something?

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