Love Your Work! Fresh & Colourful Nursery

I absolutely adore this nursery recently featured on HGTV. Created by Amy from the b-line for her new Little Person it has really taken my fancy.

I love the big window and the leafy outlook. I've seen this Ikea shelf as a window seat a few times recently and it is perfection in this room.

The soft grey of the walls and the bright white furniture really take advantage of all the natural light in the room, making it feel extra spacious.  


The colourful accessories and window pelmets add high contrast to the scheme, just perfect for stimulating growing little minds.  

This wall art installation using fun fabric prints is a fantastic way to add interest with minimal investment in time and cash. I think I want to steal this idea for my next Little Person's room.  
Overall, I doubt I'd change a thing in this space. What about you? Is this your idea of perfection to?


Abby said...

That is one fabulous nursery! I am so loving the grey and yellow. I do like the shelf used as a window seat, great for storing toys and books.

NK said...

Hi Kim, ahhh... to meet like minded people is the best gift ever! LOVE this nursary, especially the mobile.