I aspire to ... Under The Sycamore

While we're talking photography I have to give a shout out to my favourite blog - Under the Sycamore. Every morning when I turn on my computer I look forward to seeing what Ashley has to offer. She is a supremely talented photographer, a wonderful Mum and a witty writer to boot!

Recently Ashley's daughter turned one and she shared the monthly photos she took as "Firecracker" grew. It was the best version of monthly photos I've seen, really capturing her emerging personality.

I wouldn't have expected anything other than the best from Ashley. She doesn't wait for a special occassion to pull out the camera. Everyday she captures her kids in natural moments - playing, learning, sharing, being.

This is the stuff that truly uplifts me and keeps me going back each morning! She has 24/7 access to four of the best models/muses a photographer/mother could ask for. Aren't they the most beautiful kids?

And as an added bonus Ashley is very generous in sharing her techniques and giving advice on how to improve your own photos. If you don't already have Under the Sycamore saved to your favourites you need to head over to check it out now.


Kelly said...

Wow, she is amazing! Thank you for sharing the link I feeling very inspired right now :)

Bron @ Baby Space said...

This is a lovely blog and the pics are awesome...am now itching for a camera upgrade more than ever!