Love Your Work! Colourful family home

I love the casualness and colour in this Swedish home. I imagine the family who live here to be always laughing and enjoying each other's company. It is very youthful.

Bean bags look so comfy and cozy in front of the fire and the television.

While there is a lot going on colour-wise in the home I don't find it overwhelming thanks to the simple shapes of the furniture and the white back drop.

These sliding doors actually link the master bedroom and the child's room. This would be an unusual feature in an Australian home ... I wonder if it is also unusual or more common in Sweden?  It would be convenient when you had an infant, but less so as they grow up.

I found this colourful family home via Green is the New Black. You should definitely check it out as the blog owner, Sofia, also has a wonderful, modern scandinavian home that is teeming with colour and two beautiful little girls.

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