Affordable Alternatives... DIY

So, owning genuine Lillipad Studio furniture is out of the question for me/the little person. I may be kidding myself, but I think we could have something very similar by doing it myself.

The Bekvam step stool from Ikea is a similar shape and only $14.99. I've been thinking of getting one anyway for helping with cooking projects. I was going to just paint it a solid colour, but it can't hurt for me to have a go at a more intricate design. At worst I'll just have to paint over it in a darker colour.

I've also been wanting a Rofylld rocking chair from Ikea for the little person. I think it would lend itself nicely to a similar treatment.

There are a long list of projects I'd like to do so we'll have to wait and see whether this progresses beyond the stage of "that's a good idea" before the little person outgrows the rocking chair.

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