On my mind ... black in kids rooms

I remember when I was a kid it was a show of rebellion to even ask your parents for a black bedroom.

Well, now all the cool kids and their parents are using black. 

I imagine these are far more stylish and pared back interpretations then my generation hoped for back in the day. (Or was it just me?)

Still, the use of black makes the space feel somewhat less "childish" which I think was the point of my desire for it.

A child's room with black walls continues to be quite rare, but there are examples out there of how to do it well.

Did you go through this phase? How did your parents respond to this clash in decorating styles?


Kelly said...

Yes I had a phase when I was a teen when I asked my parents if I could have a black room, they say no.

These rooms are very lovely.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

I didn't go through a black stage - I had a dark brown stage. I couldn't get my parents to let me have dark brown walls, but I had dark brown bedding & curtains. It was a big change from the lavender room it had been!

Thanks for joining me at my new blog :-)