Great advice on living with little people (not from me)

This week Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School has been featuring a series called "Good Design, Kids in Mind." Kirsten has asked a selection of designers with kids to comment on important questions such as:

  1. Can kids and nice things coexist?
  2. How do you kid-proof your house?
  3. What are the best fabrics and finishes to use with kids?
  4. How do you incorporate kids "tacky" stuff in your home?
Its been great reading, with lots of useful tips and reassurance that you aren't the only one facing these dilemmas.

It has also introduced me to a new blog that I'm looking forward to following...

All Courtney's contributions to the discussions this week have been thought provoking and helpful, but it was the following quote that made me click through to find out more about her.

Relax and accept the fact that your idea of great design may have to be altered a bit. Not given up. Just altered. I still believe that every space can be beautiful and have incredible design. But I also have accepted that some spaces need to be kid zones. And that is the new beautiful. I had to change the way I looked at the mess! Once I began to see that it represents a beautiful life, I was able to let go of some things.

Such a perfect summation of my own feelings.

Courtney's gorgeous little people 

One of her great ideas in action

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