My how they grow! Big boy bed

While we're talking about the big boy bed, I thought I'd ask...

How old was your little person when they started sleeping in a big kid bed?

We have friends whose daughter has always been petite (premmie) and slept in her cot until she outgrew it at 4 years old. We have other friends whose daughter moved out of the cot at around 20 months to make way for her little sister. The impetus for our little person to make the change (25 months) was becoming a little too independent and wanting to set his own bedtime.

While he had been physically capable for quite some time the first the little person decided to climb out of the cot was at 22 months. One night he was throwing a tantrum over going to bed and Dad shut his bedroom door to drown out the noise. Little person got out of the cot and opened said door to prove a point. (Must be his mother’s son!)

A few weeks later we had guests for dinner. Little person was put to bed, only to rejoin the party 5 minutes later. After a second attempt to put him to bed with the same result we decided the safer option was to let him stay up. (The party animal comes from his Dad’s side of the family.)

A couple weeks later again I found him climbing into the cot for an afternoon nap. That sealed the deal.

I'd love for you to share your stories.


Kelly said...

My son was the worst out of all three! Once we changed from cot to bed, it took months to get him to stay in it at bed time.

NK said...

we're not there yet, but I'm thinking that we'll stick with the crib until either: (1) Baby C turns 3; OR (2) we need it for Baby #2. Whichever happens sooner. But the 2nd image (P'kolino toddler bed, I think) makes me re-think all this. I love it that much.