On my mind... final project for the week

The little person is very blessed with a Nanna who loves to make things for him. My Mum is super talented at every crafty, creative project she sets her mind to. (And she's given almost everything a go from lead lighting to upholstery to teddy bears.) All my girl cousins and I have porcelain dolls she cast and painted for us in the 80s which are still very treasured. I have major regrets now that I didn't put more effort into learning from her when I was a teenager living at home.

Her latest passion is quilting. Here is the one the Little Person received last Christmas. (She did all the patchwork and applique by hand and then used a machine for the quilting.)

His big boy bed was actually mine from ages 8-18. I still remember our trip to buy it (we lived 1.5hrs from the nearest regional centre) and how proud I was. While I'm happy to be able to share pieces of my childhood with the Little Person, its not really in the style I'd pick for him today. It needs an update and as it happens I have a plan to turn it into something like this...

Hopefully posting this will spur me to get out the paint sooner rather than later.

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Bron @ Baby Space said...

Amazing quilt -- lucky little one! And love your inspiration -- can see that lovely red working with the quilt for sure.