Cash to Splash! Mattress

If there's anything you're going to splurge on for your little person I reckon their mattress is a really good place to start. He or she will be sleeping on this mattress for the next ten plus years so you want to be sure it will be comfortable and supportive for their growing bodies.

While we had already decided this before hitting the shops, we were convinced further by the sales pitch which included these pearls of wisdom:

from Domino

1) A lot of single bed mattresses don’t have the same side support as larger ones, as it is thought children are not heavy enough to crush the sides. However, where do you sit when reading them a bedtime story or comforting them after a nightmare?

2) As it is thought parents want to pay less for a child’s bed manufacturers save costs on a lot of single bed mattresses by reducing the amount of padding in them. The mattress feels firm to parents, but to a child (who at our little person’s age weighed less than 13kg) it feels about as soft as lying on the floor.

Anyway, I just thought those were interesting facts to share.

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Bron @ Baby Space said...

Gorgeous rooms and thanks for sharing your mattress wisdom -- I like the colour scheme you're going for here!