Love Your Work! Homework station

I was super impressed with this homework station submitted for the Workspace of the Week at Unclutterer Daily - a blog with advice to help you organise pretty much every aspect of your life.

Here's the low down in the words of the Mum/genius who created it...
"We converted a toy room that my children were quickly outgrowing into a homework and craft room. The large table seats three and allows me to pull up a small stool to work with each child."

"All components were sold separately at Ikea and allowed us to customize the desk for three boys. We added a glass tabletop from a local shop for $200. Lots of space to spread out and work on homework. We keep a laptop on a separate corner desk and it is often brought over to the large table when a computer is needed."

"I found that my children often needed to be in my craft room for school projects. Therefore, I combined both rooms and it's working out great."

Such a fantastic family space! If you want to see more views of it click here.

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