The Elephant in the Room

While we're on the topic of storage and organisation I might as well address the elephant in the room when it comes to our particular home. Cables.

Our home is wired to the extreme. At the moment all the cables from our desk and media centres are not so carefully stored on the floor with furniture creating a barrier to keep our Little Person from pulling at them. This is obviously less than ideal for safety, organisation and aesthetic reasons. I hope to find a much better solution for our new home.

Nicole at Making it Lovely first made me aware that it was even possible to "manage" your cables with this post on her home office where she uses the Ikea Signum Cable Management system.

Then I realised Unplggd was a treasure trove of cable management solutions. It was on Unplggd I saw the sleek Blue Lounge cable box which I think would possibly be the best solution for our media centre.

And also this DIY solution using guttering to keep cables off the floor and under control, which we could possibly replicate in our study nook.

Lastly, I'd like to buy a Bedford Smart Technology™ Large Recharge Station from Pottery Barn for keeping mobile phone and iPod chargers handy.

Not such a pretty post, but an important part of setting up our new home in a way that is both friendly to our Little Person and aesthetically pleasing. Can you recommend any other cable management solutions?

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Bron @ Baby Space said...

Sure can. What I did (because all those cables were driving me mad)was buy a neat plain white cardboard gift box with a lid, cut a hole in back (where it faces the wall), placed it next to the computer (it matches the other white items on the desk) and popped the cables inside. Wallah! Unsightly cables were gone :)