On my mind... let's share

Okay, so as promised I'm sharing some pics from my own home this week. Its kind of scary for me, but whats the point even having a blog if I'm not going to let you a little bit into my life?

So I'm starting small today with some "before" pictures of a project I have in mind. This is our dining room buffet and hutch.

Like a lot of our furniture its made from recycled oregon, so has an orange tone to it. I've decided the best way to marry this to the pale grey tiles throughout our living areas is to use blue for soft furnishings and accessories, combined with metallics such as silver and copper.

So far I've style the shelves with practical and/or sentimental items from around the house that fit this scheme.

The project side of things is to line the back of the hutch with a printed fabric or wallpaper which I hope will lift the accessories to give them more prominence. I'd like to find something like the following locally to use, though I'm fickle and will probably jump at something else entirely.

I'm hoping the transformation will look something like this...

Before & After via Making it Lovely

The other project is to get much better at taking photos. Guess I'll have to re-read this post.

More work-in-progress pictures tomorrow...

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NK said...

Love the idea, I think it will definitely balance out the orange. Great choice of fabric too. Can't wait to see the "afters" :)