On my mind... the boy child.

Last week Monica announced she is having a baby boy! This is awesome news for her family, but came as a bit of a shock at first because she was certain she would be having a daughter.

I have to admit that while pregnant with the little person I too was utterly convinced I would be having a girl. The timing of ovulation, the chinese calendar, the healthy skin and hair, the cravings ... pretty much all the old wives tales ... all indicated a girl. So when the radiographer announced it was a boy I was hit for six! The Man often reminds me that the first words out of my mouth were "A boy? What am I going to do with a boy?"

Of course I now know how awesome boys can be - especially my boy. These are some of the pretty ridiculous concerns I had about life with a boy child...
  1. Would he still want to bake cakes with me? (Yes, boys like to cook too. And they love cake!)
  2. Would he still want to draw and do craft with me? (Yes, but they must be drawings of planes and Lightning McQueen... occassionally a horse might be acceptable.)
  3. Would I still be able to buy him cute outfits? (Yes, boys clothes are pretty cool these days too.)
  4. Would he still play dress ups with me? (Yes, we just dress up as builders and fire fighters not ballerinas and fairies.)
  5. Would everything have to be blue? (No, his favourite colour is currently pink - he always picks the pink cup, the pink crayon and when we're out for coffee he prefers pink milk.)
I'd still love to have a daughter, but another one like the little person would be just super too!

 Gratuitous room shot via Decorpad


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I know exactly what you mean :)