On my mind... pool safety

On the (very) long term wish-list for the new house is frameless glass pool fencing such as in the images below. 

On the more immediate priority list is the installation of our new pool alarm. Supposedly it is set off when an object/person weighing more than 8kg breaks the surface of the water.

We decided the alarm was necessary this past weekend when we sprung the Little Person standing on his tricycle trying to open the pool gate. He is 2 years and 4 months old! WTF!

Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised... one of our friends was found on the roof of the house at age 2. He'd taken advantage of a ladder his Dad had earlier been using to clean the gutters. But seriously?! Who knew 2 year olds were so resourceful?

The pool gate does actually have a lock too, which we will now be using religiously.

What dangerous situations has your adventurous toddler found themselves in?


Bron @ Baby Space said...

The Baby Space toddler is of medium adveturousness...he too likes to climb up any ladder he sees!

Clara said...

The only time my daughter freaked me out was when she tried climbing on the windowsill. Bear in mind that at that time we lived on a fourth floor (our apartment occupied the fourth and fith). Luckily we had decorative bars on all windows and balcony, not so much so people wouldn't get in (they had to be Spider Man), but so people and kids wouldn't get out.

I promptly moved everything away from windows. That is after I recovered from one of the scariest moments in my life.

My daughter has always lived on top floors, I am sure she now knows that falling is a bad, bad thing.

I love that swimming pool. I wish our community pool had something like that. The pool is right next to the playground and parents cannot live their children play alone because of this.