On my mind... party time!

The new house is getting its first public airing this weekend. A massive combo of the man’s 40th, his mother’s 60th and his brother’s long awaited return from Cairns with two new sons (one just three weeks old!)  I’m really looking forward to seeing the extended family and excited to show off our home, but at the same time I’m anxious.

Having dreamed of this house and the life we will live in it for so long I have very high expectations.

Having lived in it for five weeks now I’ve had time to visualise and plan and scheme about the home I want to create (it's spectacular in my mind).

What I haven’t had is time to implement these dreams and schemes. I know in my head that it will take years to get everything just so - and by then I will want something completely different - but my heart is aching for it to be perfect right now.
Anyways... after breaking the ice with the family on the weekend I intend to finally post some pictures next week of how the house looks now with some narrative on how I would like it to look (eventually).

All images of Emily Henderson's apartment via Rue magazine. I am totally taking inspiration from her for my dining room... you'll see Monday!

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NK said...

I know exactly how you feel, I'm in the same boat. Its all perfect and dandy in my head, but the reality is very very far from my dreams right now.
Looking forwards to pictures :)