Cash to Splash! Kids shoes

We took the Little Person shoe shopping last weekend. He fell in love with a gorgeous pair of sparkly aqua joggers with white flowers. I could totally understand – they were cute as ... for a girl.

Something like these Reeboks but even more shiny and with small white flowers.

When he wasn’t allowed to try them on the world’s biggest tantrum ensued and we had to leave the store. Real, heart-felt tears over a pair of shoes – pity he’s not old enough to watch Sex and The City. I think he’d totally identify with Carrie in the old woman who lived in her shoes episode.

Anyway, we went home later that afternoon with a pair of joggers that were less cute and much more masculine. He seems happy with them and has probably forgotten all about his brief love affair with aqua. However, when I saw these today on Gelati Art I couldn’t click through to buy them fast enough.

Masculine with a fun pop of aqua. A perfect compromise … apart from the price tag that is - $95.00.

Who spends that much on shoes for a toddler? A boy toddler no less. Clearly there is someone out there who does. If you’re that someone go ahead and buy them for your little person. I’m sure they’ll love them… I know mine would.


NK said...

Its unreal how expensive good kids shoes are. I just shelled out God knows how much on a pair of Ecco size 4 (that's right) baby shoes that Baby C will grow out of in a heart beat. My only consolation is that they were on sale. My only hope is that they last the required 2 months (-ish) until the snow falls.

Kelly said...

hehe that so cute. My son Phoenix used to ask me if he could wear hair clips when he was little.

Clara in Paradise said...

Yep, I just paid $100 for two pairs of school shoes for the wee one. That is more than I pay for my own shoes. And they don't even last a whole year.

The only time my daughter ever threw a tantrum was at a shoe store when she was two. I picked her up, apologized to everybody and we went home. I am ever-so-lucky that cured her.