We're in... sort of, nearly.

Well, I'm happy to report the move went well. After a mad flurry of packing 99% of our stuff was transferred to our new house last Friday with no breakages, spills or panic attacks. Thank God!

We had great removalists who got the whole job done by 2pm, which I thought was very impressive. I wanted to make it my mission to have the Little Person's room set up by the time he arrived home - you know to make the transition as smooth as possible for him. Unfortunately, at 2.30pm we got a call from his daycare centre to say he had conjunctivitis could we please come get him. So, after an afternoon waiting at the medical centre and pharmacy he came home to a room full of boxes and his bed in pieces on the floor...

He loved it! We had kept his tools aside so he got to "help" Daddy put the bed together. Then he took absolute joy in pulling all his toys and books out of the boxes and spreading them over the house. Sometimes when things happen by accident they turn out for the best.

We then spent the weekend painting and cleaning the old house ready for our new tenants, so apart from making beds and finding enough crockery to eat off pretty much nothing has been done at the new house. We're back at work today so I guess it will be slowly, slowly setting things up. I'm choosing to see it as an opportunity to get to know the house and come up with the right layout for us.

Anyway, the whole experience has provided lots of fodder for blog posts that I can't wait to start sharing.


Bron @ Baby Space said...

I know that feeling of wanting to make it all 'ready' for them when they come home so it's not weird! But that is so, so cute that he loved helping and unpacking his things :) Congrats on the move! (Look forward to hearing more about it!)

NK said...

Hi, so glad to hear your move went well and that your little one love his new house :)