On My Mind... blackboards

I have often admired homes in magazines with whole walls of blackboards. I had several pictures in my inspiration file for when the little person was old enough to understand the difference between the blackboard wall and the rest of the walls in the house.

from Oh Dee Doh

Then my Little Person was given a blackboard and easel last Christmas. We set it up in the kitchen/diner for the first couple of weeks, but I soon realised that chalk dust is an insidious thing that invades your home very quickly. By the start of the new year the easel became strictly an outside toy and was moved to the back deck. There it has enjoyed much love and attention and I have enjoyed a dust free kitchen.

from Style Files

Until now. Our new home has a blackboard on the side of the pantry. So far, the Little Person has been preoccupied with all the other newness around him and hasn't asked to draw on it but the time is coming. I think the pleasure he'll take in it will far outweigh any chalk dust issues.


Bron @ Baby Space said...

I have been loving the chalkboards too...the toddler has one kind of oddly placed in the dining area! We haven't had a problem with chalk dust thus far. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Kelly said...

I love chalkboards too :)

NK said...

I was thinking of putting one up in Baby C's bedroom, but was worried about dust/allergies... maybe i should see how much she likes it first and than start painting. Also, are there special kinds of chalk that don't create too much dust?